18 Most Powerful Mages In The Witcher

In the world of The Witcher, mages have a lot of power, both magically and publicly. According to legend, here are some of the best of both.

As a fantasy story, The Witcher series has a lot of magic users and magicians. The strength and skills of these witches vary, but the most powerful ones make themselves known as the story goes on. Magi usually live much longer than most people, so as they get older and wiser, they gain more skill and experience.

There are many kinds of power, and not all of them are based on skill or natural ability. When mages are in the courts of kings, they play games and make plans to get ahead. They do this because they want power and influence. Even a mediocre mage with enough charisma and strategy can do well in The Witcher 3‘s courts of kings. However, those with the most political power, intelligence, and magical skill are often the most powerful and important.

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