7 Types of Discounts to Use in SMS Marketing Campaigns to Drive More Sales

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, SMS campaigns stand out for their direct reach and high engagement rates. Incorporating different types of discounts into these campaigns can significantly drive sales and enhance customer engagement. This blog explores seven effective SMS discount strategies that can be leveraged through SMS marketing to boost sales and customer loyalty.

1. Percentage Off Discounts

Offering a percentage off on products or services is a classic yet highly effective discount strategy. It’s straightforward for customers to understand and can be a powerful incentive to purchase.

Broad Appeal: A percentage discount appeals to a wide audience, making it an ideal choice for general sales promotions.

Flexibility: Depending on your profit margins, you can adjust the percentage to find the perfect balance between attractiveness and profitability.

Examples in SMS: “Enjoy 20% off your next purchase! Use code SAVE20 at checkout. Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours! [Link]”

2. Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) Offers (300+ words)


BOGO offers are great for clearing inventory and encouraging customers to buy more than they initially intended. They can increase transaction size and bring in more sales.

Inventory Management: Use BOGO offers to move older stock and make room for new items.

Increased Perceived Value: Customers perceive they are getting more value for their money, which can be a strong purchase incentive.

Examples in SMS: “Buy one pair of shoes, get another pair FREE! Today only. Shop now: [Link]”

3. Free Shipping

Eliminating shipping costs can often be the deciding factor for customers on the fence about making a purchase. Offering free shipping through SMS campaigns can significantly boost conversion rates.

Reduced Cart Abandonment: Free shipping is known to reduce cart abandonment rates, as high shipping costs are a common reason for not completing a purchase.

Minimum Purchase Requirement: Consider setting a minimum purchase amount for free shipping to increase the average order value.

Examples in SMS: “Free shipping on orders over $50 this weekend! Perfect time to grab your favorites. Shop now: [Link]”

4. Flash Sales

Flash sales create a sense of urgency and can drive a quick surge in sales. Announcing flash sales through SMS ensures that the message is seen in time for customers to act.

Limited Time Offers: Keep the sale window short to encourage immediate action.

Exclusive Access: Make your SMS subscribers feel special by offering them exclusive early access to flash sales.

Examples in SMS: “FLASH SALE ⚡ 30% off storewide for the next 4 hours only! Don’t miss out: [Link]”

5. Early Bird Discounts

Offering early bird discounts for new products or upcoming events can generate buzz and secure sales ahead of time. It rewards customers for their promptness and loyalty.

Pre-launch Offers: Use early bird discounts to drive pre-orders for a new product.

Event Promotion: For event-based businesses, early bird discounts can boost ticket sales well in advance.

Examples in SMS: “Be the first to enjoy our new collection with an exclusive 15% early bird discount! Pre-order now: [Link]”

6. Exclusive VIP Offers

Creating exclusive offers for your VIP customers or loyal subscribers can enhance feelings of exclusivity and appreciation, encouraging repeat business.

Loyalty Rewards: Offer higher percentage discounts or special deals to customers based on their loyalty or spending level.

Personalization: Tailor offers based on customer preferences and past purchases for a more personalized approach.

Examples in SMS: “As a thank you to our VIPs, enjoy an exclusive 25% off your next purchase with us. Use VIP25 at checkout: [Link]”

7. Seasonal and Holiday Discounts (300+ words)

Leveraging seasonal themes or holiday periods can resonate with the emotional aspect of shopping, making discounts more appealing.

Timely Offers: Align your discounts with holidays, changing seasons, or special events for timely relevance.

Creative Campaigns: Use SMS to send creatively themed messages that engage customers and stand out.

Examples in SMS: “Get ready for summer with 20% off all swimwear! ☀️ Offer valid till [date]. Dive in: [Link]”

Incorporating a variety of discount types into your SMS marketing campaigns can cater to a broad audience and meet different business objectives, from clearing inventory to rewarding loyalty. By strategically selecting and rotating through these discount methods, businesses can keep their SMS marketing fresh, engaging, and effective in driving sales.

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