9 Advanced Features To Use In Ride-Hailing Apps For Drivers

The ride-hailing apps have consistently set the bar high for innovation and driver support such as Uber. The app is popular worldwide not only because of its convenience to the users but for the drivers also which leads new businesses to wonder how to develop app like Uber

The ride-hailing app is not just a means of convenient ride for passengers to hail a ride, it is a powerful tool for drivers too. In the content below, you will learn the advanced features that you can in your ride-hailing app for drivers that go beyond the basic ride request and acceptance. 

So, let’s continue without any ado.  

Drive With Purpose For Rewards 

You can offer them Pro Rewards as the exclusive program designed to reward the drivers who consistently provide excellent services to your customers. Drivers need to maintain high ratings and low cancellation rates to quality in the program. 

Once they get enrolled, you can provide them with multiple benefits, such as cashback on fuel, discounts on vehicle maintenance, and even tuition assistance. It will not only incentivize drivers to maintain a high level of service but also offer tangible rewards for their hard work. 

Choosing Their Own Route 

You can add a feature that will allow the drivers to set a destination of their own choice. It will be perfect for drivers who want to head home after a shift or have a specific place in mind. The app will then pair you with the riders who are traveling in the same direction. 

The feature prides flexibility and makes sure that you don’t end up far from where you want to be at the end of your shift.  

Diversify Your Earnings  

You can integrate several other options in your app for drivers such as food delivery, package delivery, and more. It will diversify your earnings as well as the drivers’. The flexibility enables you to maximize your income by taking advantage of busing mealtime hours. 

Allow the drivers to switch between picking up passengers, food delivery, or others. It also offers potential tips from grateful customers waiting for their parcels or food. 

Real-Time Earnings 

One of the most valuable features for drivers can be the real-time earnings features. The tool will offer a clear breakdown of your earnings into each trip which will include fare, any additional promotions, and your tips.
you can also track your daily and weekly earnings which help you set income goals and manage your finances more effectively. 

Driver Support 

As a ride-hailing app, you should understand that the driver might encounter various challenges on the road. That is why you should offer 24/7 driver support through the app. Whether they have a question about the fare, need assistance with a passenger issue, or have a vehicle-related concern, the support should be easily accessible and provide guidance to the driver.  

In-App Tips 

While the cash tips are always appreciated, you can also make it easy for the passenger to tip the driver through the app. After each trip, the passenger must have the option to leave a tip which can go directly into the account of the driver. 

This feature encourages passengers to show their appreciation for great service and can significantly boost the drivers’ earnings over time. 

Scheduled Rides 

The scheduled rides feature of your ride-hailing app will allow the driver to plan the shift in advance. The driver can set availability for specific times and dates and ensure that they are on the road when demand is high. 

It will help the driver maximize their earnings by aligning their driving hours with peak demand periods. 

Multi-Stops Tips 

Multi-stop tips are a convenient feature that enables passengers to add multiple stops to their ride. As for the driver, they will receive clear instructions on the stops which help them in accommodating the needs of customers and ensure a smooth experience. It will lead to larger fares and higher ratings for your excellent services.    

Instant Pay 

Waiting for the earnings is a thing of the past now with the Instant Pay feature. Apps like Uber are using this feature to benefit their driver and you can do the same. Once the driver has completed a trip, they can cash out the earnings instantly to their bank account or a prepaid debit card. 

It provides drivers with greater financial flexibility and allows them to access their hard-earned money when they need it the most without any difficulty. 


So, these are the advanced features that you can use in your ride-hailing app and make sure that your drivers are getting the benefits that they deserve. You can keep their interest in your app and make sure that they don’t sign out of your app anytime soon. 

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