Batterfish Brings Fried Fish Burritos and Spicy Catfish Sandwiches to Sunnyside

Due to the fact Batterfish opened in drop of 2020, Portlanders have had to check out Happy Valley to locate operator Jason Killalee one of a kind fashion of fish and chips. The Irish-born chef serves fish with a papery, more crispy crust and home-slash chips, proudly never frozen for added crispiness and fewer oil. Having said that, supporters of Killalee’s item will now be in a position to find it in a significantly extra central placement in Portland, on SE Belmont all over 34th. Batterfish is open in the area previously residence to Char Latin Grill, and has added some inventive new menu objects.

Killalee is completely transitioning into the new house, closing the foods cart for now and focusing on the current undertaking. The menu will appear equivalent to the cart’s, but will occur with some new additions, which include Char items with Killalee’s contact and wholly new specials. In addition to the baskets of fried salmon, cod, shrimp, and catfish, the new Batterfish will provide a fish and chips burrito: a diners alternative of fish and chips, together with his household-created tartar sauce, pico de gallo, and cabbage rolled into a burrito. Fundamentally, Killalee clarifies, he’s just changing the bag or newspaper that typically wraps the dish with an edible package.

A further item he’s psyched for is the burger — he coats his patties with bacon batter and quick fries them to a golden, crispy exterior and still-juicy inside, then serves them on a bun with the standard burger fixings. Equally, he’ll be featuring his popular spicy catfish as a sandwich, on a bun with tartar sauce and spicy slaw. Fried fish and other tacos will assist round out the menu, and Killalee suggests he’ll ultimately have tacos motivated by banh mi and Jamaican jerk chicken, the latter an ode to his Jamaican spouse. Down the line he’ll be including poke bowls, summertime ceviche, lobster roll specials, and a lot more lasting vegetarian alternatives together with marinated and fried tofu, a thing he’s figured out to value immediately after shifting to Portland. The vegetarian objects will be fried in the potato fryer somewhat than sharing the oil with fish or other meats.

Transitioning into the Char room has been fairly quick, Killalee says, and he’ll be maintaining the workers. Even so, he’ll open up the doorways for indoor seating, one thing Char lacked during the pandemic. Diners will be in a position to delight in beers and wine, such as Irish imports like Smithwicks, Harp, and, of study course, Guinness, as well as local brews.

The shop will open up with several hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., but Killalee says down the line he desires to open up later, primarily for the publish-bar group.

Developing up in Ireland, Killalee spent decades visiting the chip shops following a night time out with a couple pints, and needs to convey that same energy to the bar goers all-around his shop. He 1st opened Batterfish in California, exactly where Eater LA’s Lucas Peterson said Killalee fried “LA’s greatest fish and chips.” Now, he’ll be vying for Portland’s title.

Batterfish is open now at 3336 SE Belmont Street.