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Benefits of The Best Facelift in Chevy Chase, MD

The sight of an aging face full of wrinkles and fine lines at the corners of your eyes is sure to make you sad. The idea of making the mirror your friend once again fills your heart with desire. Unfortunately, no amount of expensive cosmetics can address the problem areas of your face appropriately. No worries! There is an apt solution to eliminate the tell-tale signs of aging. It is helpful to try undergoing the Best Facelift in Chevy Chase, MD that will enable you to turn the clock back.

Also known as Rhytidectomy, you would be well advised to visit a reputed clinic offering such services. Make sure to research the pros and cons of this procedure and be convinced about undergoing surgery to improve your appearance before you make the final decision in its favor.

What do you gain from the best facelift in Chevy Chase, MD?

Remember that you may be eager to go through the procedure but it is a medical professional who would be able to assess you and consider you fit for undergoing the procedure. You cannot expect miracles, however. No worries! The able cosmetic surgeon will prepare you for the outcome and help you to understand the risks along with the benefits. You are sure to be elated once you find the following come true post the facelift:

  • Elimination of all Signs of Aging– A competent cosmetic surgeon performing the facelift will be able to address all your concerns in one go. From fine lines to deep wrinkles and sagging skin, no sign of aging is spared via a facelift. The excess fat will be removed from the problem areas as well. The outcome will be pleasing to you as a successful facelift will redefine your face most attractively.
  • Removal of Double Chin– The extra layers of fat coupled with sagging skin can affect the appearance of your neckline, jaw, and chin adversely. You do not have to be anxious about the results of the facelift though. Rest assured, an excellent cosmetic surgeon will be able to remove the additional fat most effectively and tighten the skin as needed. You will no longer find a double chin marring your appearance.
  • Getting Rid of Jowls– The ungainly lax skin around the face and neck often results in the formation of jowls that affect your appearance. You may address such an issue actively by getting rid of the excessive skin that hangs like a sac. The remaining skin will be tightened appropriately so that it contours your face beautifully.
  • Perfect Tightening of Lax Skin– The primary complaint made by most individuals is the loose skin that makes one look years older. A facelift will address this problem perfectly. The surgeon will not only remove the excess skin and sun-damaged skin but will also tighten the remaining skin by positioning it perfectly over the face. A sculpted look is achieved that improves the appearance considerably.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Best Facelift in Chevy Chase, MD is not meant for female patients only. Instead, the procedure is gender neutral with men enjoying good general health with pre-existing health conditions being eligible to undergo a facelift procedure as well.

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