7 Best Ranged Weapon Enchantments In Minecraft

With these enchantments, Minecraft players can’t go wrong with their long weapons.

Many players use a sword with the best enchantments in battle, but most of them don’t realize how powerful the best enchantments can make long weapons. In Minecraft, there are two main types of long-range weapons: the Bow and the Crossbow. The crossbow does more damage and has given the game new spells. The Trident is a close-range weapon, but it can also be enchanted to make it better at long-range hits.

In Minecraft, there are more than 11 enchantments for shooting weapons, and some of them can’t be used together. The enchantments that don’t work together force players to choose between them, which divides them. Find the best ranged enchantments and make the ideal weapon by finding the best enchantments.

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