Biggest Red Flags of Sewer Problems

If there’s one part of your plumbing system you don’t want to break down, it’s your sewer line. Not only is sewer repair expensive, but it often takes a lot of time. We want to help you find out what problems can occur before getting sewer repair in Seattle, WA

Take a look at some of the red flags of sewer-related problems you should never ignore. 

Sewer Smells

Your sewer line produces a small that is often hard to ignore. This smell happens when the materials inside the pipe break down. Many describe it as smelling like sulfur or rotten eggs. Sewer lines are airtight and should never push this odor into your home. It’s often a sign you need to replace sewer line parts. 

Slow Drains

When you have one slow drain, you might reach for a chemical drain cleaner and assume you fixed the problem. We found that those cleaners are more likely to cause more problems. They can eat through pipes, corrode them, and cause other types of damage. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you have multiple slow-moving drains, you may have a sewer line problem. You may need sewer line replacement or a repair. 

Changing Water Lines in Your Toilet

Check the water line in your toilet to see if it changes. No matter how often you clean your toilet, you may see a line around the sides as the level fluctuates. It usually goes along with some type of damage to your sewer pipe. This changes the amount of water that reaches the bowl. Try to get a sewer pipe replacement company in to take a look at the problem as soon as possible. 

Standing Water in Your Sink(s)

When you wash dishes or just your hands, you should see water going down the drain. You don’t want to come back later and see standing water. Damage to your sewer line forces the water back up instead of carrying it away. We see this a lot with clogged sewer lines because the clog stops the water from flowing. Let us help you see what sewer repair services you need to fix the problem. 

Old Home

As much as some people love their old homes, you must be aware of some of the plumbing issues yours has. Many Seattle homes built in the 1970s and earlier use copper or alloy pipes. An even older home may have cast iron or galvanized pipes. Those pipes are more susceptible to rusting, which leads to sewer line leaks. Those leaks can result in backed-up lines and other problems that require a sewer line repair

Lots of Nearby Trees

While you might love the trees in your yard for the look and shade they offer, you may not love what they do to your pipes. Their roots can easily gain entry to your sewer line. As they spread out, the roots take over the pipe and keep water from flowing through. Tree roots can get inside through a small crack you never noticed. As long as the roots keep growing, you’ll need sewer line repairs. 

Lush Lawn

Nicknamed the Emerald City, Seattle has some gorgeous green spaces caused by the ample rain it gets. While having a lush lawn isn’t a problem, it can become one when you have patches of grass that are lusher and greener than the surrounding areas. This happens when you have a leaky sewer line. Everything you flush in the toilet or down the drain breaks down and nourishes your lawn. If you keep finding brighter patches of green grass, you likely need a side sewer repair. 

Gurgling Sounds

Don’t ignore gurgling sounds either, especially those that come from your toilet. Gurgling and glugging sounds occur when there are air pockets in your sewer line. Those pockets appear when the line has one or more clogs. This can lead to slow drains and raw sewage backing up. 

When you see any of these red flags, don’t hesitate to get a pro to your home as soon as possible. Our team handles all types of sewer pipe line repair and knows what you need.

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