Bomber Jacket vs. Motorcycle Jacket – Which to Wear and When?

Bomber jackets are arguably the oldest form of modernized leather jackets. The leather garment has been the very first garment in history used by humans. However, the bomber jackets have been around for over a century as well. Motorcycle leather jackets are much newer. Their sole purpose is to keep the rider safe in unwanted situations.

There are different uses for both these types of jackets. Also, both offer different benefits for the wearer as well. From an aesthetic point of view, both jackets look entirely different. Also, there are many other types of leather jackets available in the market as well. Read through to find out detailed information on bomber vs. motorcycle jackets:

What Is a Bomber Jacket?

Bomber jackets were introduced for the purpose of keeping fighter plane pilots protected from the cold at high altitudes back in the World War 1 era. However, since then a lot has changed for the bomber jackets. These types of jackets have kept their ability to keep the body warm while adding many other features as well.

A typical bomber jacket will have thick leather materials with a hefty inner lining. Also, the arm sleeve ends and waist ends are typically made from heavy-duty braided materials. These are not worn too tight to the body. There is easy movement allowed due to the somewhat relaxed fitting.

Also, a typical bomber jacket will sit right below the waistline. Different colors and finishes are available for each preference. These are typically more expensive jackets. Many pop culture icons and celebs have popularized the bomber jacket, making it a fashion staple as well.

What Is a Motorcycle Jacket?

The only basic purpose motorcycle jackets were invented was for body protection. Whether you buy a men’s or women leather jacket for motorcycle riding, it will be for the best body protection. These are not made for the fashion-centric. Very thick and hardened leather materials are used to provide maximum abrasion-proofing when required.

Also, typical motorcycle leather jackets come with added protective padding. Solid plates made from different hard materials are inserted at body areas like elbows, shoulders, chest, and back. Motorcycle jackets will fit very snugly to fit in place and not allow much movement.

Some motorcycle leather jackets also come with removable padding. There can be some attractive motorcycle jackets as well. However, these should be bought only on the basis of body protection and have nothing to do with fashion at all. Also, these will typically be somewhat longer in length.

Benefits of Bomber Jacket

Typical bomber-style leather jackets have been used for many decades now. These are typically worn with a pair of jeans or even women and men leather pants. When worn correctly, bomber jackets will provide many great benefits, including:

  • Cold Protection – Protecting the body from the cold was the very first purpose of a bomber jacket. Typically, thick leather materials like cowhide or sheepskin will be used. These jackets keep the body warm on the coldest days with their ability to insulate.
  • Attractive Looks – Today, bomber jackets are available in all color choices and very attractive finishes. With pop culture promotions, bomber leather jackets are very much the fashion choice for many. These will make you look smart and attractive.
  • Longevity – Bomber jackets are made from durable leather materials. These are very long-lasting. Also, the braided arm and waist ends keep them looking neat for a very long time.
  • Ready Availability – With so much attention, bomber jackets are now available at almost all the known brands. You can find one that fits you nicely anywhere you go. These are easy to acquire and there can be some good deals going on for most brands.
  • Easy to Clean – Typically, bomber jackets will have very smoothened surfaces. This makes them very easy to clean. Only with a clean white cloth and a bit of warm water, you can easily self-clean it. Also, dry cleaning is the best option to remove odors and bacteria.

Benefits of Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle leather jackets are used by riders around the world. Some jackets cost several hundreds of dollars whereas others cost thousands. However, when it comes to their usage scenarios, motorcycle jackets have no alternatives. Their benefits include:

  • Abrasion Resistance – With thick and dense leather materials, motorcycle jackets are very abrasion-resistant. In the unfortunate instances of coming off the motorcycle, these will keep the body safe from picking up scrapes and cuts.
  • Impact Protection – Motorcycle leather jackets come with protective padding at critical body parts. Elbow pads, chest padding, shoulder padding, and back padding are typical. So, these jackets are able to provide high levels of impact protection when required the most.
  • Cold Protection – Being made from highly dense leather materials, motorcycle jackets are able to insulate from the cold. These are thick jackets that do the best job of cold protection. However, on the flip side, when it is not so cold, these will heat up the body quite much too.

Which to Wear, When?

So, back to the question, Which leather jacket to wear, and when? Well, the answer depends on the type of day you have planned for yourself. Both offer similar advantages with some being very specific for the usage requirement. Some important things to consider include:

  • A Typical Day or a Night Out with Friends – When heading out of the home for a day or evening out plan, a bomber jacket will be the perfect choice. It can be used with any pair of jeans and will look attractive while keeping you well-protected from the cold. Also, the typical tough materials will last a very long time while offering easy-to-clean solutions for the jacket as well.
  • Riding a Motorcycle – Where bomber jackets will offer some type of body protection, they will be no good in high-impact situations. In heavy-impact scenarios, not many jackets will be able to keep up. However, purpose-made motorcycle leather jackets will do the best job of keeping the rider safe in most scenarios. So, for motorcycle riding days on a track or high-speed rides, proper biker jackets are surely recommended.

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