Bridal Saree Styles: 8 Stunning Brides in Sarees

Nothing compares to a Kanjivaram saree's allure. The entire outfit, including the poola jada hairstyle

1. Kanjivaram Saree in maroon and gold

Nothing compares to a Kanjivaram saree’s allure. The entire outfit, including the poola jada hairstyle and long plait, the heavy temple-style gold jewelry, the dark lips, and the highly made-up eyes, rather than just the saree, is what makes South Indian brides look like queens. This bride is dressed simply in a Kanjivaram saree with a gold border and a consistent gold embossed pattern. The saree’s straightforward style makes it a fantastic choice for a lot of jewelry and an elaborate blouse.

2. Stunning Bengali Bride

The bride is dressed in a traditional crimson Banarasi brocade sari! A Bengali bride must wear a lot of heavy gold jewelry when wearing a saree, thus it is crucial that she select an outfit that goes well with the jewelry. The jewelry and the intricate motifs on the saree are complemented by the small gold details called bootis. All of this glitz is offset by the bride’s crimson lips, white chandan motifs on her forehead, and clear, understated eye makeup.

3. Kanjivaram Saree in pink and gold.

Silks in a bright pink color appear very bridal. Since Kanjivaram sarees are woven from fine silk threads, brides can never go wrong while wearing vibrant hues. This bride is dressed in a vivid pink Kanjivaram saree with a green and gold blouse in contrast. The saree is thick and covered with large gold bootis. Heavy gold jewelry completes the appearance.

  1. An orange flake Kanjivaram
    The majority of Indian ladies have lovely golden and yellow tints to their skin. This is why warm, vibrant hues like orange and red complement Indian skin tones so well. This Kanchipuram saree features a gold border and simple gold embossed patterns. The color scheme, however, is what makes this one a fantastic option for a bride wearing a saree. The Kanchipuram saree features warm orange and gold silk threads woven throughout it, giving it a fiery orange color. It looks really stunning!

5. The White Bride

Kerala brides in their white Kasavu sarees seem absolutely divine. Choosing a white silk saree would make it simple for you to reproduce the style. Cotton yarns are typically used to make kasavu sarees. Choose a saree like this bride’s if you think a bridal appearance in a cotton saree would seem too basic. With rich gold jewelry, this matte gold and cream saree is stunning. The bride also looks professional in her solid gold kamarbandh! Additionally, this white saree doesn’t appear odd or out of place in a bridal frame. Therefore, if you can wear it, do so!

6. An eye-catching Nauvari saree

Have you ever considered how effectively a bluish-purple color complements orange and red? The vibrant Nauvari saree worn by this Maharashtrian bride is very stunning! As is customary, the purple silk saree with the orange border is worn with a red and gold brocade dupatta. The look’s attractiveness is achieved with little accessories and cosmetics. A modest choker, green and gold bangles, and pearl malas are all the bride is wearing. Simple cosmetics is worn, including bright lipstick and well drawn eyebrows.

7. An Old World Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees have been a staple of wedding attire for decades. Banarasi sarees in the traditional form, featuring exquisite silver and gold motifs on thin, silky katan silks, are resurfacing. This bride in a Banarasi saree appears exotic because she has fully committed to the old-world aesthetic. The saree has been draped in a manner reminiscent of colonial times. The modest jewelry contrasts with the rather traditional makeup, which has deeply kohled eyes and a kumkum bindi. If you want a style that isn’t modern, check either Half Saree or Langa voni.

8. A silk saree from Kerala

Choose a plain-body saree if you want to accentuate your bridal jewellery sets. Sarees with extensive body brocade work typically don’t go well with jewelry. This is so that the patterns on the cloth and the jewelry don’t match. Wear a Kerala silk saree to emulate this bride in saree. These sarees feature dazzling gold borders and simple silk bodies. Watch how stunning her kamarbandh and diamond and emerald necklaces in temple style look with this saree.


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