Do You Know The Art Of Conquering Mathematical Anxiety?

The term phobia means having fear of anything. It can be of water, which is known as hydrophobia or fear of enclosed spaces known as claustrophobia. Again, the fear of height is called alto phobia—this list is never-ending. Well, there is a fear of stage performance among actors.

Similarly, some people face the fear of math. And this is a major problem observed among today’s teenagers. It can be defined as the feeling of stress and nervousness that retards one from giving 100% efficiency in solving math problems. The subject is considered quite difficult to master by several students. 

But this negative attitude towards the subject stops them from focusing and concentrating. Moreover, students start panicking before exams because they are not prepared well beforehand. Some even understand and learn mathematics but during examinations the cloud of fear overpower their mind, leading to poor performance. 


Let’s Get Deeper Into Math Phobia And Understand The Prime Reasons Behind It:

Teachers influence

We know that a good teacher always loves the subject that he is teaching. But if he feels negative about math, it’s probably reflected in his teaching, which directly affects the student.

The pressure of the time limit

The constraint of time imposed on students leads to panicking. Students get to forget the concepts that they have actually learned because of time limitations. So, it’s quite understandable that examinations lead to a negative impact on the student’s performance, which creates the firm belief among them that they will definitely fail the examination. It creates a vicious circle that becomes difficult to break.

Public embarrassment

The phobia of math is even linked to past negative emotions. When a student has been criticized and rebuked for wrong answers, it makes his anxiety even worse. It’s also the same case when he is embarrassed publicly.

Lack of understanding of the basic concepts


When a student does not have proper knowledge of the basic concepts of mathematics, it can create a huge problem for him. Without proper understanding of the basics, it’s impossible to move ahead with further applications. Thus, it creates a phobia of the subject among the students.

Lack of practice

Math is one such subject that needs regular practice to master the concepts. Most of the students have the habit of holding it up till the last day before the examination. It creates the last moment pressure, which leads to forgetting the formulas and concepts. It’s impossible to complete the 365 days syllabus in just 7 days. Even if it is possible to rush with other subjects, it’s impossible to cope with subjects like mathematics and science.

With the top schools in Bangalore, you can assure that your child will become a pro in mathematics because they have special sessions conducted on a regular basis. Plus, this is one such subject that we cannot put aside even for a day. In our regular life, we require the application of math in almost everything we come across; from calculating the grocery bill to paying for the tickets —the application of math cannot be avoided.


How To Overcome Your Mathematical Anxiety? 

Here we are going to discuss some of the best ideas followed by the CBSE 11th class to motivate your children to overcome anxiety of this subject:

Positive reinforcement

Children who are going through math anxiety need to understand that they can actually perform well in it just like any other subject. They should be rewarded for solving the problems and encouraged at every step for improvement. Appreciate them for the right answers instead of criticizing them for mistakes. Providing them with the support of encouraging teachers can make them feel positive and motivated.

Reframe anxiety 

Reframing anxiety can 100% lead to performance improvement. Teachers and parents can ask students to write down their worries regarding the subject so that they get the opportunity to understand the major issues behind it. Besides, assignments can be conducted to find out their strengths and weak points. Make them feel normal whenever they come up with queries. Lack of questions and critical thinking make math a boring and threatening subject for kids.

Math – Fun and frolic

Make the subject entertaining for kids so that they show interest in learning it. Include engaging and fun ways to learn the different methods of calculations. Connect it with the interest of your kids. Like if he has a knack for sports, use sports-related words for solving math puzzles, or use sports accessories for counting. 

At the Global Indian International School in Bangalore, we understand that children usually have anxiety and fear when it comes to mathematics. Our trained teachers know how to convert this fear and negative emotions into an opportunity for better performance. The school conducts special sessions for math to ensure that students get a chance to improve themselves and develop a special love for solving mathematical problems. Starting from abacus classes to Vedic math sessions and math Olympics, as well as other interesting activities are conducted every year for the students.

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