Half-eaten, decades-old McDonald’s fries found behind a wall during home renovations

On April 16, Rob and Gracie Jones were undertaking perform on their 1959 Crystal Lake property, situated about 50 miles northwest of Chicago.

Abruptly, they found a decades-old McDonald’s bag driving one wall.

“Rob was in the lavatory replacing the previous rest room paper fixture,” Gracie advised CNN Wednesday, “As he pulled the fixture out, he seen a rolled up piece of fabric bunched up inside of the wall.”

The couple experienced no concept they have been about to find out decades-outdated fast food.

“At this level we are each wanting at every single other questioning if we’d be contacting the law enforcement because we just uncovered evidence from a criminal offense scene!” Gracie reported, “We ended up really relieved to have just uncovered the aged McDonald’s bag.”

They then took the bag into their kitchen to meticulously open up it. Inside of they discovered two hamburger wrappers and some half-eaten, a long time-aged french fries — that have been crispy and brown.

The fries in the bag, which the couple may sell the right buyer.

“We observed the fries and were like, ‘This is unreal.’ How on Earth are these fries still in this bag and how are they preserved so properly?! It was wild,” Gracie included.

McDonald’s fries are ordinarily recognized for their salty scent, but the pair mentioned there was no odor to these relics.

Gracie explained they picked up a couple of of the fries and ended up shocked at how sturdy they had been, regardless of their decrepit look.

Investigating the logo on the bag they uncovered, the few learned it was used in McDonald’s generation from 1955 to 1961.
The packaging dates back to the mid-1950s and early 1960s.

They also observed out that a single of the area’s initial McDonald’s was crafted down the street from their house in 1959 — the similar year their house was designed.

The bag even contained the first mascot for the speedy-foods chain, Speedee.

CNN has contacted McDonald’s about the uncommon uncover, and is awaiting comment.

For now, the pair has the ancient meal in storage and aren’t guaranteed what to do with it.

“We might be satisfied to sell it or if not, we might almost certainly preserve it as a great piece of background,” Gracie mentioned.