How Can I Download Twitter Videos Free With Twitter Downloader?

One of the most widely used social networking sites worldwide for exchanging messages, images, and videos is Twitter. If you are a crazy Twitter user, you’ve probably wished there was a method to download a specific video you found intriguing. Unfortunately, downloading videos from Twitter’s platform is not presently possible. There is a main website that makes the process of downloading videos from Twitter called Twitter Downloader

Whatever the reason, being able to download Twitter videos with just a few simple clicks can be really helpful. We can see many tools that let you do that, but not all of them are necessarily safe and trusted. To help you out, I’ve introduced Twitter Downloader. Through this article, let’s compare the difference of this tool with other top online downloaders.

Our trending picks

To download videos from Twitter, you can use a number of online Twitter video downloaders and services. This article highlights a few of the trending tools in 2023.

Snap Downloader 

Snap Downloader is an excellent platform for video downloading. With easy access and impressive downloading speeds, SnapDownloader provides the best user experience for getting all videos from Twitter. Converting downloaded videos directly to MP3 and different file formats makes this a versatile tool for any video-downloading experience. 

Cons; Snap Downloader is not available for Android devices.


This is a trusted and reasonably professional tool for downloading Twitter videos on iPhones. With some of the outstanding features, this app is no less than surprising for many iPhone users.

Cons; You will need a PC to download Twitter videos on iPhones.


SavetweetVid is another simplest tool that will download Twitter videos. SaveTweetVid is a quite simple and free app that can delight you big time. The remaining features are pretty much the same.

Cons; You will get frustrated with homepage ads.


Also, GetMyTweet is a powerful tool for downloading all sorts of Twitter videos. You can download the video you like from Twitter. You can download it in Mp4 or Mp3 format, depending on what you would choose.

Cons; Slow downloading speed

Twitter Downloader 

The most widely recognized free Twitter video saver. This tool can easily manage most of your Twitter video download needs and the web interface has been given a facelift to make it more intuitive. And the best thing is that this tool has no cons. So, I can recommend this tool as the best online free video downloader. 

Cons; No cons to show.

Why is this Twitter video downloader the best for you?

If you want to download unlimited Twitter videos for free, there is nothing more than Twitter Downloader. We reviewed the top Twitter video downloaders but all these tools have some cons and disadvantages. But this tool has no cons and it is a completely free tool for crazy Twitter fans. And this is a better choice for newcomers. 

Explore the features

  • Completely free forever
  • You can download Twitter videos unlimited
  • It allows you to download Twitter images and GIFs too
  • Convert videos into MP3 and MP4 formats so this is a great tool for audio lovers
  • Work with any device such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Work with any web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Dolphin, etc
  • UI is very user-friendly and eye-catching
  • The fastest tool rather than other alternatives
  • It has a feature option to download Twitter videos with or without a watermark
  • 100% free from viruses and security threats 
  • 100% safe tool and protect the user’s privacy
  • It does not destroy the original resolution and quality
  • never asks you to log in or sign up 
  • Twitter fans can download your Twitter videos with a single click
  • It offers the high definition quality videos for Twitter fans
  • Easy to navigate
  • This is a web-based tool so it doesn’t need any special installations
  • Even a beginner can use this tool without any trouble
  • You can download High-definition quality videos
  • Ad-free

How to download Twitter videos with this amazing tool?

Before using this Twitter video downloader, follow these simple steps to use this tool accurately. If you want a great Twitter video downloading experience, refer to these simple steps!

Step Guide 

  1. Go to Twitter and pick your favorite Twitter video that you want to download from Twitter
  2. Now, click the “Share” button and click the “Copy link to Tweet” option. Or copy the video link from the Address bar easily
  3. Now go to the Twitter Downloader website and paste the link into the input box above 
  4. Next, click the “Download” button to get the page with links to the video
  5. After clicking the “Download” button, you can see the preview of your selected video 
  6. Finally, you can start to download unlimited videos or GIFs from Twitter

Amazing Twitter GIF downloader 

If you want to express your feelings through Twitter, now you can use Twitter GIF downloader. With Twitter Downloader, you can download your favorite Twitter GIFs for free and without any worry. This is completely free and you can download your favorite Twitter GIFs at any time. No restrictions and requires no software downloads. Moreover, you can easily download your favorite Twitter GIFs with a super-fast downloading speed.


Is it legal to save Twitter videos through this tool?

Yes, you are not breaking any rules or regulations here. For your convenience or requirement, you can download Twitter videos using this tool or any online downloader. So it is legal to use this tool to download Twitter videos.

Have there any other methods to download Twitter videos?

Yes, you can try the Chrome Extension method, Inspect Element feature option, screen recorder option, or third-party app methods to download Twitter videos. For more info, refer to Google! 

Sum up the article 

Now that you have the best Twitter Downloader, you can simply import Twitter videos with a couple of easy clicks by selecting any of the above-listed apps. And it comes as the best online video downloader for Twitter at present to download unlimited Twitter videos completely free and safely. So, quickly try this tool and give feedback on it!

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