How To Debug VPN If It Does Not Work on Android Phones

Are you looking to use VPN on a phone? Well, that is an easy process and can be connected to mobile data, or WIFI.  Most VPN services today are serving both Android and iOS. Downloading a VPN app on a phone is rather easy than ever. 

Some apps available on the Play Store are free while some are paid. Well, every app at the app store serves the same functions, but some significant features create a difference between a free and paid VPN. Whether you use a paid or a free app, problems might surface. 

Before you move on to reading what are the causes cases of using a VPN, or how to solve them, it is better to have clarity on why you need to connect to a VPN. 

Why do you need a VPN? 

Using a VPN begins with some basic to farfetched reasons. It is already a well-known fact that a VPN is necessary for security. However, there is more than one reason to know. If you are connected to a public WIFI or an unprotected internet the IP address can be exposed to government authorities or investigating agencies. So, whenever you search, it can easily be tracked and monitored. 

Some significant reasons that build up the cause to use a VPN are, 


Certain websites available on the internet are not accessible in every region. Streaming platforms like Netflix or YouTube TV are prime examples of blocked platforms. Thus, a VPN allows one to unblock certain websites by changing the server location. 


It is one of the most important and talked about benefits of using a VPN. If you have applied a VPN it protects from invasion of privacy and protects all activities like spamming and hacking. 


Everyone wants to browse the internet without fear of being attacked. When a VPN is activated, the Firewall and encryption keep data safe from data theft. 

Why does a VPN Cause Problems? 

A VPN is a human-induced software, thus is prone to errors. Multiple reasons might result in causing a VPN to malfunction, some of them are; 

  • A VPN may be overloaded with connections
  • The Port running on your VPN might be blocked or outdated 
  • The VPN software could be outdated 
  • VPN settings might be misconfigured 
  • Network protocol 

How to fix A VPN for an Android Phone

Issues can arise anytime in a VPN and can be fixed by implementing the right solutions. In Android devices, issues arise due to device settings. 

Check the Permission Request 

Whenever you start with a new app, it asks for permission. It is because if an app needs to use the mobile’s hardware it needs to have permission from the user. Consequently, a VPN app also seeks permission before it connects to your device. So, make sure to grant permission. You also need to accept the connection request at first so the app may connect to the proxy server. 

Confirm Your VPN Subscription 

Payment can be a hassle while connecting to a VPN, you may have downloaded the best VPN apps for Android, but primarily have updated and operational credit card information.

Check Your Server 

All VPNs come with servers that allow to change the location, and access to geo-blocked content. At times the server faves an outage and may not work. So, try to connect your Android phone to another server. 

WIFI Compatibility with VPN

Public, school, and office WIFI do not have VPN capability. They block the unrestricted flow of the internet thus blocking VPN to work. Moreover, the internet service providers also block the VPN pass-through. For this, you will need to access admin and make some changes. Enable protocols PPTP and IPSec.

A VPN supporting Browser

Another common issue is an outdated browser. It has to be compatible with the Android VPN app. In that scenario, make sure to have either Chrome or Firefox. Moreover, you can also update the browser to its latest version to solve the problem. You can also use the guide to update and connect to VPN. 

The Final Point 

A VPN has arisen as the best solution for internet users whether it is for individuals or businesses. Whether you use a VPN on Chrome or an Android phone, issues might arise. First finding the key problem and solving it accordingly is the best solution. The above-mentioned solutions are based on the most common and rising problems in a VPN.

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