Importance of Using CAFDEx

Having all related data stored in different files and folders poses a problem for users when they require the related information together. Sure, segregating the storage can prove to be effective for securing the data but having everything together can save time and speed up operations as and when needed. It is not surprising to find Government Departments and large private entities favor CAFDEx which provides centralized access for exchange and access to data. It serves as an umbrella for multiple systems and products that may be used together or separately.

Uses of CAFDEx          

It comes with the option of using several applications in one go. Store data securely is the main purpose behind this centralized database that can provide simultaneous access to multiple users. You may use it at your convenience to store and use customer information, inventory details, financial records, and much more.  Apart from the DoD, this particular centralized access has earned a stellar reputation for serving several giant corporations as well.

Advantages of accessing data via a centralized unit

  • Integrity– The important information is unified resulting in easy exchange and management of data. Communication with varied users becomes simpler with coordination being improved too. Getting access to reliable and meaningful data as needed is a breeze that results in less time consumption as well.
  • Redundancy– Data is stored within a central unit with no information being redundant ever. There is no duplication of data or storage of irrelevant information, either
  • Security- The security of all data stored and accessed via the system is unparalleled. There is no possibility of unauthorized access thanks to the checks in place.
  • Scalability– You may add or remove systems to this centralized unit without involving specialists.
  • Portability- Data transfer is possible even when you need to retrieve data from a remote location or multiple locations at the same time.

Apart from accessibility and secured storage, CAFDEx offers several products for the management of ongoing programs too. The most popular program management products include the following:-

  • Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution (PPBE)– These tools have been configured specifically for Weapon Systems Sustainment. The DoD is known to spend thousands of dollars to maintain and sustain its weapon systems. The use of these tools has streamlined their operations and ensured security without compromising their programs due to budgetary constraints.
  • Flying Hour Program Management (FHP)- These applications are of particular interest to the US Air Force. The DoD can plan their hours as per the requirement and figure out the best way to train their pilots or send them to perform active duty. While the flying hours of the personnel are calculated perfectly by this management program, fuel consumption is also calculated to meet the requirement without overshooting the allotted funds. Moreover, the Air Force remains Audit ready at all times courtesy of the FHP
  • Requirements Scheduling and Execution Process (RSEP)- This program is important to ensure a host of administration and execution services related to Primary Mobile Maintenance, Budgetary-Cost estimation documentation, and/or schedule projection, and schedule execution of shelters, towers as well as

It is pleasing to know that CAFDEx can be customized to your company /brand allowing you to meet your objectives without compromising its efficacy.

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