Linksys Velop Setup in 7 Easy Steps

The Linksys Velop is a device featuring a single push-button setup mechanism known as WPS. Aside from that, you can administer the Velop network using any web browser by accessing its web administration site. If you are using the portal for the first time, you may find it challenging to navigate. However, our informative and straightforward setup instructions will undoubtedly assist you in making the procedure easier. 

WPS Configuration for Linksys Velop

It is the first, principal, and simplest approach for quickly completing the Linksys Velop setup. Because this procedure does not require the Velop’s login or any other information, your router must have a WPS button. So, if your existing router supports the WPS capability, follow this setup procedure. 

Plug the Velop into a power outlet and turn the switch ON. Make sure that the distance between the Velop, router, and your device is as short as possible. Later, after a few seconds, push the WPS button on both the Velop panel and the router panel. Examine the WPS lights on both devices, which will alert you to the status of the operation. 

Prerequisites for Other Setup Procedures

Unlike the WPS setup process, the other options have specific prerequisites that must be met. So, before proceeding with the setup procedures, go through and gather the necessary items. 

  • The network password for Velop’s wireless connection.
  • Its login credentials, as well as the web and IP address.
  • In addition, any device can access the web browser and app store.
  • An active internet connection on your existing home router. 
  • The Velop, router, and gadgets are linked via power and ethernet wires.

Linksys Velop Web-Based Configuration

The third step is to configure the Linksys Velop using any web browser on the networked device. Open your web browser on any networked device. Try using an updated web browser and searching for Velop’s default web or IP address. Use the correct web or IP address for Velop, which is and 

As you do so, the Linksys Velop login will appear on the device’s screen shortly. Now, in the prompted field, enter Velop’s username and password and click Sign-In. After completing the login procedure, proceed to the setup procedure and select the wireless network that you want to improve. Create a new SSID network and give it a strong password later. 

Setup Using the Linksys Velop App

Apart from the web-based setup site, you can visit the Linksys WiFi smart app to perform your Linksys RE6300 setup. To do so, open the Google Play Store on your Android networked device and search for the Linksys WiFi app. If you have an iOS device, however, open the Apple App Store. 

Select the official app from the list and install it after enabling your device to do it. Later, access the app and conduct the login first using Velop’s login credentials. Select the network, enter its password, and then click the Extend button. As a result, the Network Extended notification will appear on the device’s screen. 

Connect Your Device To The Network

After configuring your Linksys Velop, attach other devices to its network. For a wireless connection, select the network from the wireless network list. Alternatively, use an ethernet cable to build a connection between the Velop and the device for a wired connection. Ensure you choose the proper network from the list and use the latest ethernet cable for optimum connectivity. 

Manage The Velop Network

After finishing the setup and connection process, it is extremely important to monitor and administer the network. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the network effectively and without any impediments. Otherwise, you may face a variety of different issues like Linksys Velop Node blinking red or Linksys Velop can’t connect to the modem. 

To accomplish this, open Velop’s web management page in a web browser and make some modifications to the advanced settings. Changes include replacing Velop’s bandwidth channels, creating a new SSID network, and establishing a secure network password. However, it is recommended that the network password be changed on a regular basis to prevent unwanted users from accessing the network. Furthermore, generally check the list of networked devices, which will show you how many devices are linked to the network. 

Improve Your Linksys Signals by Updating Your Firmware

It is also necessary to keep the Velop’s firmware up to date in order to properly configure it. To do so, go to Velop’s web management portal and download the most recent firmware version file, if one is available. Save that file to your computer and repeat the Firmware Updating process by returning to the same page. As a result, the Velop network will provide you with more stable and faster internet signals. 

We anticipate that these configurations and other important points will work for your product and allow you to efficiently use the network. If you encounter any problems while using it, please contact our Technical Team Of Experts immediately for assistance. They will always be there for you with a step-by-step tutorial. 

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