Reasons Why White Shaker Cabinets are Still Trending

Kitchen cabinets are just for storing your kitchen items. They are a crucial element in kitchen design. Hence, you need to choose the ones that you can be happy with for a longer time. Kitchen cabinets are the crown jewel and bring the kitchen décor together.

So, some styles focusing on minimalism and simplicity are more popular than others. White shaker cabinets can make your kitchen look modern and fresh for ages to come. These cabinets do well in both modern and traditional homes. White shaker cabinets are still in style.

Let’s take a look at why white shaker kitchen cabinets are popular.

White Color is Pristine

White shaker kitchen cabinets have a tradition that dates back to 1920 when the color used to be associated with cleanliness and hygiene. It was a fairly big deal in a time when the kitchen didn’t have modern and convenient measures for proper food storage and preservation that people often take for granted.

White is a popular color for spaces, such as the kitchen, primarily because it is classic and timeless. Moreover, they are easy to mix and match with other colors and accessories. White color can easily brighten up a room, symbolizing freshness and cleanliness.


White kitchen cabinets go with all types of kitchens- no matter it has country and contemporary or minimalist or traditional décor. As the cabinets have a simple construction design, they can mimic the appearance of other styles and materials.

A simple coat of paint will add depth and character to the cabinets. If you want, you can stain the cabinets for enhancing the wood grain. In case you have to achieve a rustic or farmhouse appearance, just apply distressed finishes.

Gives the Kitchen a Simple Look

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. White shaker kitchen cabinets are crafted in a utilitarian fashion. These cabinets have been designed to serve a purpose and that is all. With no fancy or fluff getting in the way, you can instill calmness in your room.

Clutter is usually associated with stress that is the reason shakers incorporate simple decorating methods. In case you are looking for ways to include some simplicity and calmness in your life, white shaker kitchen cabinets go a long way.

Ensures Timeless Style

People have been preferring shaker kitchen cabinets. As a matter of fact, white shaker cabinets even from two decades back look just as clean, sharp, inviting, and sharp as a brand-new kitchen doesn’t today.

White shaker cabinets that are considered to be a framed style are generally made of some kind of wood that is always a timeless style. These cabinets feature crown trim, molding, and other accents. Shaker-style cabinets in white color can evoke a reserved appearance thanks to their rectangular trim and simple styling with minimal adornments. Every timeless element transcends recent trends.

Affordable Options

Since shaker-style cabinets are not fancy, they are less expensive than other kinds of kitchen cabinets available in the market. So, when you choose these cabinets, you can put more money into quality construction and more durable hinges and drawers. But don’t equate cheap with affordable. They feature clean and strong craftsmanship as opposed to cheap and flashy.

Easier to Clean

Decorative kitchen cabinets might look nice but they can be a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. This is because of their accents. White shaker-style cabinets, on the other hand, are easier to clean.

You just have to clean them using a mild detergent, lukewarm water, and soft cloth as opposed to ornate designs that have to be oiled and cared for every week.

Bottom Line

Now, you know that there are many reasons to choose white shaker cabinets. If you get them in the best quality and know how to install shaker cabinets, you can be sure that they will last for years.

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