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The humble potato has a long culinary heritage that dates to 8,000 B.C. Peru, wherever it was initially cultivated. The Spanish invasion of the 1530s resulted in the potato leaving the Americas, but they did not expand perfectly in Spain’s extensive summertime days. The tube was able to thrive the moment all over again when Sir Walter Raleigh introduced it to Ireland and its cooler local climate in 1589. It was also right here that the potato grew to become the food stuff of peasants.

From its modest beginnings, the potato has developed into the the third most imported foodstuff crop for human usage driving rice and wheat, according to the Intercontinental Potato Centre. Currently, around 200 potato types are sold in the United states of america. They mainly in shape into seven types: russet, crimson, yellow, white, purple, fingerling and new.

With so numerous versions, it can be tough to remember which potato is greatest made use of for what cooking process. It can also be challenging to deviate from fundamental potato dishes. In a residence like mine the place potatoes are the most common and cherished vegetable, this is significant info to maintain saved in my brain — or on a cheat sheet within a cupboard door.

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Russet potatoes have a thick pores and skin and, when cooked, a fluffy texture. They are a go-to for baked potatoes when rubbed with oil and salt, their pores and skin gets crisp when baked. Their fluffiness tends to make russets suitable for mashed potatoes, twice-baked potatoes and potato skins. Toss chopped russets with oil, herbs and spices then roast for a succulent facet dish. These potatoes can also be reduce into batons and fried to a crisp french fry. Russets are a preferred for pan-fried potatoes, as well.

Red, yellow and white

These potatoes have a thinner pores and skin than russets. Red potatoes are slightly sweet and have a waxy and creamy texture. They keep business when cooked, producing them suitable for roasting and steaming. They are fantastic candidates for potato salad and soups and their pink skin provides shade to the two of these dishes.

Yellow potatoes are waxy with a sweet buttery taste and creamy texture, generating them perfect for mashed potatoes. Roasting and grilling delivers out their inherent sweetness. They can also be included to soups and salads.

White potatoes also continue to be business when cooked but have a nuttier flavor than purple and yellow potatoes. Pan fry them with onions, salt, and butter and provide together with fried eggs for breakfast. Use them in soups and salads or slash them into french fries.


Purple potatoes are my favourite mainly because of their vibrant hue. When slice, they may perhaps expose a blue, purple, lavender, pink or red interior. They are a minimal earthy in taste but are gorgeous when roasted with other root greens. They carry a vivid shade to potato salads, also. Their texture would make them suitable for steaming, which also most effective preserves their coloration.


Fingerling potatoes have an abnormal form compared to some others. They can be up to 4 inches very long and are thin with a company texture. A buttery and rather nutty flavor pairs well with other roasted or steamed potatoes. They also keep up to pan frying for the reason that of their business texture.


New potatoes — from time to time named little one potatoes — are very similar in flavor and texture to their greater counterparts. Because they are harvested so youthful, their pores and skin is slender and papery. Their smaller stature will make them divine roasted whole. The outer skins develop into crisp and they are creamy on the inside of. They are excellent for pan frying and steaming. Their skinny pores and skin helps make new potatoes extra perishable than experienced potatoes, so try to eat them shortly after harvest or obtain.

Armed with this bit of facts, you can produce delightful and varied dishes for the potato enthusiasts in your possess relatives.