What Is HEMA Free Gel Polish?

Gel polish came as a revolution in the nail industry. Unlike regular polish, it offers long-lasting and glossy manicures. In addition to this, it does not damage easily through daily wear and tear and lasts for weeks. However, not all gel polishes are the same. HEMA Free Gel Polish has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. If you’re hearing this for the first time, you might be wondering what exactly HEMA is. Moreover, what does it do, and why should you choose gel polishes without HEMA? 

This guide is here to answer all your questions and more. Let’s find out more about gel polishes without HEMA and how they impact the beauty industry. 

Understanding Gel Polish 

Gel polish is a thicker polish compared to your regular nail polish. Because of this, you will have to cure it under a UV LED lamp. Once it hardens, it provides a chip-resistant finish that is highly durable. Moreover, standard nail polishes hardly last a whole week. Comparatively, gel polishes last up to three weeks. At that point, your nail might have overgrown anyway. 

HEMA – The Culprit

Studies show that HEMA is one of the leading causes of allergies from nail polishes. You don’t need to have sensitive skin to suffer from its harmful effects. It has left manicure enthusiasts looking for other options. But why is it so difficult to get rid of? Well, here’s why!

All polishes and gel polishes contain various chemicals and pigments.

  • The pigments provide the colour.
  • The chemicals keep the solution stable.

Other than that, these ingredients ensure the polish is liquid in the gel and begins to dry after application. Additionally, they cause it to harden and, in some cases, offer a glossy or matte finish. 

One of these ingredients is HEMA, which is short of 2-hydroxyethyl Methacrylate. It is a type of acrylic that plays a huge role in the formula. Also, it is a key ingredient that helps bond the nail polish to the nail surface. Acting as a monomer, it helps in the cross-linking of polymers in the el. This is what gives it the long-lasting finish we all love!

HEMA Free Gel Polish

Since there is a rising complaint against this ingredient for causing allergies in people, the demand for HEMA Free Polish is growing. Allergies only become worse with exposure. So, if you feel itchy around your nails after the first application, it’s only a matter of time before it causes breathing troubles. Additionally, removing an ingredient from nail polish without affecting its quality is not easy. It is true, especially when HEMA is one of the most important chemicals that keep the whole thing together. 

To create HEMA-Free builder gel or gel polish, these brands will have to invest in a lot of research. Besides, they’ll need a lot of experimentation before they can develop an equally good polish. It is also why you will find very few HEMA Free Polish in the market today.

Advantages Of Using HEMA-Free Products

Whether you’re allergic or not, you will definitely benefit from using nail care products without HEMA. Further, here are some of the benefits that you can expect. 

  • Say Goodbye To Allergies 

By removing this one ingredient, the possibility of getting allergies from gel polishes is vastly reduced. This makes it a far safer choice for many people. 

  • Gentler On Nails 

Inevitably, a little bit of whatever nail polish you use will be absorbed into your bloodstream through your nails. By using products without HEMA, you’re putting something far gentler on your nails that also causes less harm to yourself. 

  • Environmentally- Friendly

You’re far more likely to find environmentally-friendly formulations among the HEAM-Free products. Additionally, this reduces the environmental impact, and you can enjoy your manicure guilt-free. 

How To Identify HEMA-Free Products?

Identifying a HEMA Free Gel Polish in the market is not as difficult as looking for cruelty-free or organic products. Nail care products that state explicitly ‘HEMA Free’ are exactly that! There are no tricks in marketing in this case. Besides, you don’t have to do any deep research. 

If you still want to take additional precautions, read the ingredients and make sure there are no HEMA or related compounds. Yes, it is as simple as that!

Applying And Removing HEMA Free Gel Polish

While this question gets asked quite frequently, the answer is really simple. Applying and removing HEMA-free polishes is the same as traditional polish. Prepare your nails and apply the base coat and HEMA Free Gel Polish. Then, you finish off with a top coat. For removal, you can wipe with any acetone nail polish remover after soaking for a while if needed. 

Further, you can use compatible base and top coats, preferably from the same brand. This way, you’ll be using products that are particularly made for HEMA-Free Gels. 

Tips For Maintaining HEMA-Free Gel Manicures

Popular gel nail polish brands are constantly working to refine their formulas. Because of that, we have HEMA-Free products that are just as good as regular polishes. Still, since we’re removing a harmful chemical from it, you can take some more steps to maintain it. 

  • Avoid exposing your manicure to harsh chemicals or excessive water. Use gloves when you do household chores that expose you to both. This is much the same precautions you’d be taking with traditional gels. 
  • Also, use cuticle oil to keep your nails and surrounding skin moisturized. You should focus more on nail care as you switch to healthier gel alternatives. 
  • Remove the nail polish completely in case of an adverse reaction. Additionally, get in touch with your dermatologist as soon as you can. In such cases, you may need additional tests to determine if you’re allergic to other, less harmful ingredients. 


HEMA Free gels are a far safer and more inclusive option for nail enthusiasts. Further, you can enjoy the same benefits as a lasting and beautiful finish as regular gels. Understand the benefits and learn to identify suitable products and support brands committed to consumer safety. 

You must invest in all your favorite shades in HEMA Free Gel Polish from Cally Cosmetics. Enjoy beautifying your hands without any of the harm. As always, beautification should come without compromising your health!

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