What Is Integrated Marketing and How To Implement It

B2B companies face increasing challenges in reaching their audience. Nowadays, there is more competition and communication channels; In addition, commercial customers are less sensitive to ads. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of different marketing strategies, such as integrated marketing.

This consists of aligning all marketing tactics to send a comprehensive and unified brand message to the audience. This way, the customer will have a consistent experience, regardless of the channel used to receive the message.


Advantages of integrated marketing:

Delivers better results

In traditional marketing approaches, it is common for there to be differences between work teams. With integrated marketing, the different teams come together to form a large machinery that works in a coordinated manner.

In this way, the information disseminated by the press is supported by blog posts, sales teams, and external digital marketing services. The result is a harmonious message that contributes to customer confidence.


Reduces customer confusion

If potential buyers are not clear about your business products or services, how they can help them, and what promotions are active, you will lose sales.

If you send an email with a small message, make a Facebook post with another idea, or put out a banner with another part of the message, buyers will be confused.

The key is to transmit a single, cohesive message with clear objectives. This way, customers will have a good understanding of what is being promoted or sold.


Increase brand awareness

With integrated marketing, you can make your actions make a longer-lasting impression. By having a coherent narrative, both in the message (including the slogan) and in the visual aesthetics (logo, colors), potential clients will remember a campaign better.

A billboard ad, for example, will remind them of one they saw online, which helps increase brand awareness.


Optimize resources

Integrated marketing is also more profitable for companies. By using the same content on different channels, costs associated with its creation are reduced, such as design, writing, and photography, for example.

If you already have a logo, you can use it in various communications.  Likewise, time is saved. By reusing content, content production times are reduced.


How to create an integrated marketing strategy?

Identify your client

To implement any marketing strategy, especially integrated marketing, you must have a solid understanding of the audience you want to target. Without this information, it is impossible to produce a unified effort.

To identify your customer, you need to create a profile that specifies their average age, gender, education level, occupation, interests, needs, and pain points.

It is essential to describe him as best as possible to have a deep idea of ​​who he is, what he wants, and how to satisfy them.


Choose which channels you want to use

This type of marketing involves integrated distribution of content across different channels. Therefore, you must find out which ones are best suited to reach your customer base.

An effective way to determine this is by asking customers about their favorite channels. Find out if they are on Instagram or Facebook, if they read blogs if they watch YouTube videos, etc.

Avoid using all the channels that exist, as it could dilute your message. Hence the importance of knowing which ones your audience prefers.


Start with content ideas

Before creating content for a specific channel, it is advisable to first have a clear idea about it, or the brand story you want to tell. In this way, you will evaluate how it can be addressed through different marketing channels.

Once these steps are completed, you will be able to develop an integrated marketing strategy.

However, to ensure the success of your campaign, it is best that you work hand in hand with specialists in the sector. At Digital Specialist, our experts will help you implement this strategy to make the most of its advantages.

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