What is Permanent Make-up, and How Does it Work?

How much time do you spend on your make-up every morning? Thirty minutes? An hour?

What if you could spend significantly less time while enjoying gorgeous results?

That’s the promise of permanent makeup, which can replace almost your morning makeup regimen. You’ll roll out of bed every morning looking fantastic and will enjoy the extra time to have another cup of coffee, sneak in some exercise, or even hit the snooze button.

How Permanent Makeup Works

Most permanent makeup is a type of semi-permanent tattoo, though not all treatments fall under that umbrella. 

For example, a lash lift uses a volumizer and a tint to give you fuller, curled lashes. That particular procedure uses no tattooing at all.

Types of Permanent Makeup

Here are a few examples of permanent make-up.

  1. Microblading, which offers a permanent eyebrow tattoo that lets you ditch your eyebrow pencil for over a year.
  2. Lash lifts or lash perms, a semi-permanent treatment that gives you noticably lifted and curled lashes, and serves as an alternative to lash extensions.
  3. BB Glow, a beauty treatment which infuses semi-permanent foundation into the skin.
  4. Permanent eyeliner, which eliminates the need to add daily eyeliner.
  5. Permanent lip tattoos, which eliminates the need for lipstick.

While permanent make-up may not replace every part of your daily makeup regimen, it can replace most of it. You can still wear traditional makeup after getting permanent makeup, you’ll just adjust your routine to account for the makeup that’s already on your face. 

How painful is permanent makeup?

The process starts with a numbing cream and the needles are very small, so most people find the process to be painless. Some people are even able to fall asleep while having the procedure done.

How long does permanent makeup stay?

It depends on the treatment. Microblading lasts 12 to 18 months. Permanent lip tattoos can last one to three years. Permanent eyeliner can last between three to five years. 

Most people require periodic touch-ups to ensure the pigmentation lasts as long as possible. Nevertheless, permanent makeup can be an outstanding, long-lasting investment. 

Is permanent makeup safe?

It’s perfectly safe if you work with a licensed esthetician who adheres to good hygiene practice, and if you follow all aftercare procedures. 

During your initial consultation you can ask to see your technician’s license. You can also ask to see the room where the work will be done. Does the room look clean and relaxing? 

You can also ask how the esthetician will keep you safe. Do they wear gloves and use disposable needles? 

After any permanent makeup procedure it is vital for you to follow all necessary aftercare procedures. Most permanent makeup procedures do take a few weeks to fully heal. Following the instructions will ensure you don’t suffer unpleasant side effects during that time. 

Does permanent makeup look natural?

Absolutely, but it depends on what you want. Some people prefer a more dramatic 24/7 look, whereas others prefer a more natural one.

The skill of your esthetician will matter a great deal as well. Make sure to research yours before making your appointment, and discuss your needs and goals during your initial consultation. 

How long does it take to get permanent makeup done?

Most permanent makeup procedures take 45 minutes to an hour, and you can get back to work on the same day if you want to. Some procedures take a little longer, and some require multiple sessions to get the results right. 

You might experience a little redness and swelling in the affected areas, but not to the point where it would stop you from performing most office jobs.

Choosing the Right Artist

Choosing the right permanent makeup artist is the key to loving the results when you’re done. Take the following steps:

  • Read their reviews.
  • Look at their before and after gallery.
  • Check their licensing.
  • Schedule a consultation.

Ask yourself if you’re comfortable with the artist and the facility. You’re looking for a spa and a technician that you can partner with for years, because if you love the results you’re going to want to repeat them once the makeup fades. 

If you love the spa and the people and feel that they’re handling the process safely, then book your first appointment! Permanent makeup can be lifechanging for some people, giving you extra time and confidence that you can use to pursue your most cherished goals.

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