What to Look for When You Hire AngularJS Developers in India?

With technology making leaps daily, it is no secret that Angular JS is the most popular and advanced JavaScript framework. Its prevalence among developers has led to an increased demand for AngularJS developers in India. However, finding the best comes with several challenges if you don’t have any idea what to look for in. But this blog post can help you a lot. 

If you’re looking to hire AngularJS developers in India, our write-up will give valuable insights into what to look for when it comes to making a final decision. This article will be particularly beneficial for businesses that don’t have any idea of how to hire AngularJS developers.

So, whether you need customization for your existing app or want to start a new project from scratch, this article will help you onboard the right development partner for your app development needs. 

Responsibilities Of An AngularJS Developer in India

Before we move forward, let’s first understand the key responsibilities of AngularJS developers so you get a better idea of what to expect from the partnership. 

Becoming an Expert in AngularJS 

For developers, it is crucial to learn the AngularJS framework well. This mastery enables them to create dynamic, responsive web apps effectively and efficiently.

Architectural Choices 

AngularJS developers are responsible for making critical architectural choices for the application’s design. They have to consider scalability, performance, and maintainability to build a robust solution.

Code Quality and Optimization 

No matter what kind of project, writing well-organized and clean code is vital for any developer’s success. For AngularJS specialists, in particular, following best practices and optimizing performance is essential in delivering successful outcomes.

Integration with Backend Services 

One of the main tasks of AngularJS developers is to integrate their applications with backend services. This involves managing data storage systems, working with databases, and handling RESTful APIs. 

Things to Look For When You Hire AngularJS Developers in India

Technical Skills

AngularJS developers have predetermined job roles and duties. Before you start to search for the best developer, it is essential to set clear expectations. In addition to that, accessing the candidate’s technical skills is crucial to simplify your search for the best. Here are some technical skills of an AngularJS developer – 

Beginning Skills

A beginner AngularJS developer is someone who possesses basic skills but lacks experience in handling complex projects. You should look for someone who can: 

  • Write code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other languages 
  • Use open-source libraries of JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Proficiency in working with CSS pre-compilers like Sass and LESS 
  • Know how to use JavaScript-based building tools 
  • Have experience with XML (AJAX) 
  • Have excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills 

Intermediate Skills

A mid-level AngularJS developer has more knowledge due to their professional experience. Depending on its complexity, you can trust a semi-experienced AngularJS developer to handle your project. They should be able to: 

  • Do all the tasks of an entry-level AngularJS developer with attractive and high-performance visual effects and fast frames per second (FPS) 
  • Create non-blocking programs and use advanced techniques 
  • Implementation of unit testing 
  • Verify user behavior 
  • Write programs that create frontend infrastructures for CIE 
  • Specialized skills

Senior-level Skills

A senior AngularJS developer is expected to possess extensive knowledge gained from practical field experience. If you require intricate websites or apps that need to deliver quick results, it is important to hire an experienced AngularJS developer. The individuals should possess the following abilities –

  • Do all the tasks of a beginner and intermediate AngularJS developer 
  • Use complex REST architecture 
  • Use browser APIs 
  • Apply Typescript’s decorators, generic types, enums, and unions 
  • Manage sockets 
  • Use principles such as DRY, KISS, and SOLID.

Look for Relevant Experience and Expertise

Another aspect to look for when you hire AngularJS developers in India is to look for their relevant experience in the industry. This evaluation will help you simplify the hiring process and increases the chances of onboarding a suitable candidate. 

  • Examine their portfolio: To get a better idea of the developer’s work, look at their earlier work through their portfolio. 
  • Consider industry-specific experience: Before you hire AngularJS developers in India, look for their experience in a specific domain. If their experience in your relevant industries matches, they can be a perfect partner. 

Evaluate Communication Skills

Any successful project starts with effective communication. Without it, you can’t even think of getting your project completed on time and aligning with your vision. So, it is essential to evaluate the communication skills of an AngularJS developer before you hire them. 

  • Organize interviews: Plan a videos or in-person interview with the developer to assess their communication abilities. 
  • Get writing samples: You can even request some documentation and code samples to evaluate their writing skills. 
  • Specify the project in detail: Assess their ability to understand your needs and their approach during the interview session. 

Test Technical Proficiency

To hire AngularJS developers in India, you need to test their technical skills through coding challenges or real-world tasks. You can use these methods to measure their technical abilities. 

  • Use coding platforms: Use Codility or HackerRank to check how well they can code and solve problems. 
  • Assign practical tasks: Give them a short, relevant task related to your project to see how well they know the concepts and best practices of AngularJS. 
  • Review their code: To make sure their code meets your standards, evaluate its efficiency, structure, and quality.

Check Client Testimonials and References

Client feedback and references can give you valuable information about a developer’s work ethic, professionalism, and overall performance. You can also see if a developer can handle your project by looking at their portfolio of finished projects.

  • Read the reviews: To find out the reputation and previous collaborations of the developer, read reviews on websites like Clutch or GoodFirms.


With this article, we hope you have got a good understanding of what to look for when you hire AngularJS developers in India. Along with these tips, we suggest you thoroughly research each candidate to ensure you hire the perfect development partner.

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