Why Should You Choose Personalized Luggage Tags?

Luggage tags are an essential travel accessory that helps identify your bags. But plain old tags can be boring. The personalized luggage tags add a special touch and make your luggage stand out. Here’s why you should choose engraved or customized tags for your next trip:

Luggage gets lost easily during travel. Personalized tags make it easy to identify your suitcase if it ends up in the wrong place. Your name, address, and contact details engraved on the tag will ensure your bag finds its way back to you. Personalized stuffed animals attached to your luggage will also make your bags more identifiable.


  • Custom tags help spot your luggage faster.

Spotting a plain black suitcase on the conveyor belt can be tedious, especially when multiple bags look alike. But a bright, colorful, customized tag will help your luggage stand out. Fun designs, interesting patterns, and your name on the tag will make your bag easy to recognize.


You can also add unique identifiers like your family name, initials, or a symbol that represents you. This will make your luggage easy to identify in busy airports when you’re waiting at the baggage claim. Personalized stuffed animals attached to the bags are also highly identifiable.


  • Reflect your personality with custom tags.

Personalized tags allow you to infuse your personality into your travel accessories. You can opt for engraved tags with your name and a meaningful quote or slogan. Or choose pop culture themes like your favorite movie character to showcase your interests.


Tags can also be customized with photos of loved ones, cartoon images, or logos of brands you love. When you DIY and design your own tag, it truly reflects “you”—your  hobbies, interests, and what makes you unique.


  • Make memorable souvenirs from your trips.

Along with being functional items, customized tags also make for great keepsakes. Engraved tags with details of a trip, like location and dates, commemorate your vacations. They can be treasured as memorabilia, reminding you of the adventures you had.


Some offer tags in cute shapes like animals, toys, hearts, or stars. Personalized stuffed animals with custom t-shirt prints can also become souvenirs marking a vacation. These cherished souvenirs will make you smile as you reminisce about those fabulous holidays for years to come.


  • Complement Your Luggage Set

If you already have a matching luggage set, then customized tags are a great addition. They complete your travel accessories and add the finishing touch. Tags engraved to match your luggage with coordinating colors, textures, and designs give a put-together look.


If you have a softside spinner in pink, get a pink tag with similar patterns. For a hardshell metallic silver suitcase, silver tags with engraving nicely complement. Personalized tags that match your luggage make for a stylish travel ensemble.


  • Make your luggage extra secure.

Tags with your personal information ensure your bags are identifiable. But they also add an extra layer of security while traveling.


Personalized engraved luggage tags are impossible to remove and replace, making your luggage more tamper-proof. The unique customization prevents tags from being swapped to divert your bags. This deters baggage theft and ensures your luggage reaches your destination safely.


  • Personalized tags make great gifts.

Customized luggage tags also make for wonderful gifts for globetrotting friends and family. A customized tag is both a useful travel accessory and holds sentimental value when gifted by someone.


  • Add Your Contact Information For Safety

Along with names and initials, add your phone number and email address to the tags. This ensures someone can contact you if your bag gets lost or mishandled.


Don’t miss out on essential contact details in the engraving. The right information will help reunite you with your luggage quickly in case it misses a connecting flight or gets left behind accidentally.



To recap, customized luggage tags add personality to your suitcase, make spotting your bags easier, and complement your travel style. Engraved tags are also more secure, while personalized stuffed animals can act as souvenirs. With so many benefits, personalized tags are a clear winner over plain ones.


Next time you travel, be sure to get creative and customize your tags. With everything from monograms to photos, you’ll be able to design tags as unique as your luggage. Personalized luggage tags will not only look stylish but also ensure you have hassle-free and memorable vacations.

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